Minecraft ios seeds with diamonds

Just head over to the village you see when you spawn, jump in the well and dig down to find the stronghold.


In the stronghold, you'll find chests, a library, and an end portal. This amazing Minecraft PE seed has two complete villages, each with its own stronghold. Me and my nephew started this one in Creative mode, which is a good idea, if you want to get an idea of the landscape. You spawn on a savannah, with the hill where you find the villages, behind you. Turn around, fly up over the hill and you'll see the first village on top of the hill.

The second village is to the right, but also partly perched on the hill, which is an amazing sight. Inside you'll find chests containing string, wheat, bread, gunpowder, a bucket and iron ingot to get you started.

10 Awesome Minecraft PE Seeds

Explore the stunning mesa beyond to find more mine shafts to exploit and adventures to keep you entertained for hours on end. This great Minecraft PE seed has two villages, one has a blacksmith with really cool loot. The second village doesn't have a blacksmith, but if you look in the well, you'll find a stronghold with an end portal. You spawn above a dungeon to explore playing this amazing Minecraft PE seed.

Take wood along, before you start digging, because there's iron on the way down, you can use to fashion handy weapons, before heading into the dungeon. There's a zombie spawner in the dungeon, so be careful. This Minecraft seed spawns you right outside a handy village to explore.

Each new horizon playing this seed will have another village to explore, most with blacksmiths with interesting and useful loot. Me and my nephew found this cool Minecraft town to explore. At least, with so many villages around, it looks like a town.

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Here you can find everything an explorer needs, including blacksmiths with loot to make it more entertaining. This Minecraft PE seed has a village built on and next to a tall mountain with an amazing view. Nearby, you'll find a swamp and desert with interesting and entertaining things to do. This rare floating island Minecraft PE seed caught my eye the first time I saw it.

It has everything you need to plan and carry out ocean adventures. Most Minecraft PE survival islands are small, but this one is medium-sized, with a village to explore and exploit. This Minecraft PE seed is a favorite of my nephew and an easy one to start on for beginners. Everything you need to get started is relatively easy to find, but you'll need to look around.

You spawn in the woods, beneath floating islands, which is kind of freaky. Look for square stones on the ground as you explore and you could find resources you need. Dig down deep beneath some of these stones and you'll find pockets of iron, Redstone, and precious gems. This fun Minecraft PE seed is a great horror adventure for gamers that love a good zombie fight. To find the gold just mine straight down from where you spawn in.

This island is very neatly spawned in and looks absolutely great. Perfect for a floating castle or a nice and peaceful zen style home. Just make sure not to fall off the edge..

This is another personal favorite for me. If you have trouble making one work keep in mind most of them are in all lowercase. If you like the list above you can find more good seeds on the Minecraft Pocket Edition wiki. Just leave a comment below and let us know some of your favorite seeds.

The best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds

Pocket Edition has evolved enough to where you can now host multiplayer servers for minecraft. Be careful only to destroy one because under the second one there will be lava. Your rating: Anti-Spam Quiz: What's the name of the original creator of Minecraft? Notch or Herobrine? Minecraft PE Seeds. Skeleton Dungeon At Spawn 30 Jul, Five Villages in Five Biomes 28 Apr, Chrissygaming17 says: March 3, at 3: Something different.

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