Unable to download application from google play store

If you're seeing this error on your Wiko phone, try to manually update using the instructions on the official Wiko site. The good news is that this error is rare. In the meantime, you should contact Google support. I'm not sure if I'm in the right place? Quite often I'll be on my Android doing whatever and a box will pop up saying "Amazon App has stopped. Please close". I'm not even using that app!

I know my ex hacked my phone and has access to ALL my accounts! Could this have something to do with it? ERROR rror certainly related to storage permission. For newer androids version check that in settings,grant it if not. For older rooted versions """move play store and play services to system apps""" After following 1. Clear cache and data of Play store Play services Services framework Download manager Package installer 3.

Remove your google account from settings 4. Reboot 5. Add account again also try syncing 6. If not,update them by downloading respective apks. Again follow steps after every change you make Not sure what is causing it or what to do to get it stopped. If anyone knows please share! I've already cleared the Play Store cache and deleted data, now what? Please don't say factory reset I don't have time for that right now.

Brilliant article loie, this is extremely helpful and informative. A lot of time and attention has gone into writing this article therefore I wanted to appreciate this, thank you. Jay Real Media Now Ltd. As opposed to what? Ridiculous, absolutey ridiculous. At least the core of Android is Open Source, and if you fear for your privacy, install a firewall.

There are tons of Firewalls that do not need a rooted device personally I use Netguard. What about error code: I was updating a big app when this error occurred while the updating was about to complete. Could someone help? Whenever I try to download Instagram, it would say "Instagram" cannot be downloaded. Followed the steps for a error and now I'm getting the RH error. Followed those steps and it still didn't work.

Once I finally got past the RH error the still persists with the same Google Inc application refusing to install. These steps didn't fix anything. Looks like I'm just going to have to factory reset my phone: I found another solution which may be unique to my situation but may help others as well. The whole issue started when the Google Quick Search Bar stopped working. I would tap the widget and it would load an overlay image of my homescreen but wouldn't let me search by typing or talking.

I often use it to set reminders for myself. So I tried fixing the app with the obvious options of clearing cache, data, and force closing the app. That didn't work so I rebooted the phone. Still no go. So I chose to uninstall updates. This led to the phone acting like the app wasn't installed at all. The widget disappeared and couldn't be re-added and under Google Play Store it showed "Install" instead of "Open" for the Google app.

What I finally figured out was that elements of the app were still installed which leads me to believe this was more like a duplicate permissions error even though it showed error After that the Google app installed just fine and I have the search bar widget back again! My problem is not listed there. I am not getting either error code: But after the download Google Play "goes to a forest for mushrooms", - it can took up to minutes it begins to install update dowloaded. But the it is searching? What can be an error? The device is LG G5 with Android 7. I get error on some games not all only games from gameloft and all my favorite games are from gameloft I tried the fix but it did not work also I attempted to mod those games by luckypatcher please help.

Hello, my problem is, whenever I try to download some app, it shows, "download pending" my cellphone is Mi Redmi2. Same thing is happening with updates, if I update an app, it showing , Download pending, For a single app?? Please help me with this. Actually what causes this to happen. I am using vivoV3Max.

Play store download pending solution

How do I go about to get it in order. Hopefully the author sees this and adds it to the list, since this is the top google result. There is also a , which this article actually seems to be addressing instead of the actual Google guy i contacted yesterday basically took those steps, but admitted they have yet to actually work for him. I replied to the email the google tech sent me with this information, and i assume he forwarded it to the devs. Until then, rooted users should be able to enjoy the solution.

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4 Simple Fixes for Google Play Store Problems

Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. Jump to: In the meantime, here is what you can do: Try to clear the cache of the Play Store if all else fails. Solution The first thing to do is to clear the cache and data of the Play Store app. Google Play - Error rh01 Problem Error retrieving information from server. Google Play - Error rpc: Google Play — Error retrieving information from server Problem This error message often appears when updating or downloading an app.

Solution First, try restarting your device and try using the card again. Solution Remove your Google account. S-3 Problem Can't download an app. Solution Remove Google account and re-add it, or try an alternate account. Google Play — Error authentication required Problem Strangely, this problem is quite common on Android devices. Solutions 1. Second solution Install app through Google Play Store website. Third solution Disable Wi-Fi and download or update the app using mobile network data. Fifth solution Remove your Google account, restart your device, re-add your Google account and try again.

Google Play — Error 8 Problem This error occurs when you want to download an application and the download stops. Solution Make sure you have Google Play Services installed. Google Play — Error 18 Problem Error 18 has been around since late and happens when you want to reinstall an application that you already had in the past.

How do I fix Google Play Store not opening or downloading?

Also check out How to root Android: Solution You need a root manager to solve this one. Google Play - Error Problem Can't download app as there are too many currently installed. Solution Uninstall old and unused apps. Solution Generally, there isn't anything you need to do on your side, since this error will solve itself after a few hours. Check if date and time is correct. I went to the play store to get my apps and it's not showing them.

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I'm not very technical lol. So I need your help please Hi Dean, I think the process for reinstalling your old apps requires that you first have back ups turned on. The list of installed apps is located at the play store:. Hi I could not update or download any apps from playstore,After reading all this comments I have tried clearing caches,data,restarting but still its same,its showing downloading but nothing will be downloaded even after 30 mnts. Is there anything else can be done? Thanks for the support. Am using asus zenfone 3smax. After writing this also I have checked the same in online and read somewhere that there are few apps may create this isssue like paytm,truecaller etc.

I was using truecaller and deleted immediately. So I think this also can be a reason. I am unable to download any app from play store even from any website. My issue is one that doesn't seem to be addressed anywhere. My wifi connection is fine for any other app, but update downloads sometimes work and sometimes they don't. In other words, I will proceed to update, and it says "downloading So, I cancel the update, and try again.

The same. But on the third try, downloading proceeds normally.

What are Google Play Store errors?

But it doesn't always work in this specific sequence. Sometimes downloading works the very first time. So, I have an intermittent connection problem. What could be causing this? Hi Steve, sorry to ask this question, but have you tried clearing the Play Store cache? Or any of the tips in the article? I have been seeing this issue ever since I got my Android around a year ago.

It is at version 4. Sorry, I meant that you should try cleaning the Play Store or system cache if you haven't already. Sometimes a corrupted cache can stop the Play Store from downloading or updating apps. However, the obvious elephant in the room is your phone's OS version. A phone that's only a year old that's locked at 4.

KitKat is over 4 years old. Can I ask what model of phone you have? There are models of phone that do not have legitimate installations of the Play Store and it's commonly reported that it stops working after a certain period of time. I am using lenova k4 note. I am unable to download any app from Google play store. I tried all 8 steps except factory reset. Kindly help to solve this issue. When I try to download any app it is going on showing downloading. Infinite loop. But not downloading. There's a lot of things it could be. Do you have an aDSL connection or are you connected over mobile?

It oftentimes helps to try switching from one connection to the other. Thank you Sir. I am using only mobile data network. As someone mentioned I tried switching between wifi and mobile network. Nothing is working. This is an unusual situation that requires more diagnostic tests.

Can I recommend that you install a third party app store like Amazon or F-Droid and see if you have the same problem? Using your browser, try going to either the Amazon app store link or the F-droid dot com link if I link to them, it won't allow me to post this reply. Then try to install apps from those markets. In my experience, if you are having network problems, it could be due to misconfigured permissions, possibly from a Play Store installed from a third party.

Or some other configuration issue. Let me know whether this works correctly. I tried F-droid app store. It is working. Thank you very much. Amazon app store I tried,but it took me to Google play store and again same problem not downloaded. This F-droid is working fine. Still I am not having clear idea of why Google play store didn't work. I tried with F-droid. I am able to download apps through F-droid.

Still in both Google play store and Amazon play store unable to download apps. Don't know why. You have to download the Store from Amazon, not from Google. It sounds as though the only possible culprit is Google Play itself. The normal course of action for an app with issues is to uninstall and reinstall it.

However, you cannot do that with the Play Store, unless you have root access. A factory reset may be your only option. I have one last possible suggestion: Enable all the permissions for each app. It is possible that the Play Store does not have Internet access. Check your internet connection first. Second, have you modified the phone in any way, such as rooting or custom ROMing?

How to download Google Play Store

Always like this when I update or install Switching from "downloading" to "waiting for network" even though my connection is stable. Sorry for the late response! Can't download app. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. Error code: Please tell the solution of can't download app. Try again, and if the problem continues , get help troubleshooting.

In the article I mention how. If you can't, you can try disabling the app also mentioned and reenabling it. I'm not sure. Do you get this error code when you try to install the app or if you try to run it? I have new galaxy J7 prime. But i can't use Google Play Store. The error message "problem communicating with Google Servers" is appeared.

Hi, my phone is Starmobile Up Rave and my operating system is Android 6. My playstore is not downloading, when I press install or update, nothing happens, but when I scroll down and scroll up again it begins to download but it didn't download or update. Please fix this. Have you tried anything yet? I'm unfamiliar with the Starmobile Up Rave I've never heard of Starmobile and am guessing it's a white label brand. One of the most common and easy fixes is to perform a factory reset. It might erase your apps, but it has a high chance of being able to resolve the issue without a lot of troubleshooting or time.

Hi, my play store won't update apps and I've taken all recommended steps e. Please note that my device used to update on mobile data because there's limited access to any Wi-Fi in my locality. All my apps now need to update and I can't, it just keeps rolling forever without downloading anything and worst is that there's no error message! Sorry about your issue. Play Store problems remain one of the worst features about Android. I've found that the most reliable app store is Amazon's. I recommend trying Amazon Underground which you have to download direct from Amazon.

Some other options include F-Droid. And with excellent connection stability, you can use all your other apps with total confidence that ExpressVPN is protecting you in the background. Want to give ExpressVPN a try? The company offers a risk free day money-back guarantee , so you have nothing to lose. You can get three months free! Learn More. Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued.

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