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The police officer then informed me that he could not help me. A lready there were two people haggling with the cops over lodging a complaint.

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It is here I learn that in case of phone thefts you can lodge two types of complaints: Lost and trace; or a first information report FIR. Once found, you can get back your property. There is no criminality involved. A cop I befriended over the next 90 days told me that this technique helps the police suppress the number of crimes taking place in their jurisdiction.

The FIR registers the incident as a case of theft. A detailed note is made in the register available with the police station. At the end of the process, you get a four-page copy of your FIR, which you have to keep safely till the thief is caught and you go to the court to complete the formalities, that is, if at all your phone is recovered. It says that you have lost your phone as against someone stealing it and the police will return it once they get it. I got a stamped photocopy for my record and the cops kept the original. All this cost me Rs Before I leave, the friendly cop assures me my phone will be traced in the next 35 days and they will inform me on the number provided.

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I got many calls in the next 35 days, but none from the cops. What happened to my phone?

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Were you able to trace it? Finally, the officer, who became a friend later sometimes, being a journalist helps? He directed his junior officer to file the FIR. He gave me his number and told me to call him after a week. The friendly cop asked me to appoint a lawyer who was his friend and thus would charge me "just Rs " when he charges others Rs To get the affidavit I pay Rs 50 to the typist. The lawyer tells me that I will get my phone in my hand in no less than two hearings.

The first hearing will be when my case is heard before a magistrate who will pass an order to the effect that the phone with the police, with the IMEI number mentioned in the FIR, belongs to me and that it should be returned to me.

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For this, the lawyer said, I will have to bring my original bills to all the subsequent hearings. I was summoned for the first hearing on March On the day of the hearing I am told that the Railway Police at Borivali station have yet to forward my case file to the court. The police are yet to forward my file to the court. My lawyer, acting holier than thou, abuses the clerks at the police station after seeing the disappointment on my face. It fails to impress me. I am asked to stand in the witness box.

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The clerk asks me for the original. The magistrate wants to peruse it. Why shall I give him money when even the magistrate has approved my application? We hurry up to the first floor of the court, spend Rs 20 on the job, and give the papers back to him in ten minutes. By the time he completes the formality -- affixes the court's seal and types an undertaking which I have to sign and hand over to the police -- it is 7.

The magistrate had approved my application at 3 pm. Back at the Borivali Railway police station a five minute walk from the court , the cop informs us that we will have to wait for 90 minutes because he has to type out a letter that says my phone has been handed over to me, after I sign an undertaking that states that I will have to return the phone to the police in good condition, if asked for, failing which I will have to pay Rs 55,! What was 90 minutes when we had waited for 90 days, and endured all that pillar-to-post running around? ZaraBol - Trending Topics.

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