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This is what fixed my frequent crashing problem. I have a bit system with the following specs: American Megatrends Inc. Intel HD Motherboard: Go to Advanced Mode. Click the Ai Tweaker tab. Change anything else that is set to Manual, to Auto. I used to crash almost every game after the recent updates. I tried every suggestion I could find on the forums, but nothing worked. After changing these settings, I haven't crashed since.

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Hope this helps. Good luck. O problems? The only thing I can say about the CTD and BSoD's yes, I have been having them and it is resultant to a buffer over run is that there is a buffer over run memory leak within the load screen of the Hangar. I would suggest getting away from python coding altogether and go to C and these leaks would disappear all together.

Guide To Fix World Of Tanks High Ping

Arthun 13 Posted 08 September - It worked but I cannot change my resolution. Once I change my resolution to the one my monitor is suited to, I cannot launch the game again. I hope that this bug is solved when it goes live on 26 Sept. JJ 14 Posted 28 September - My launcher loaded the update perfectaly fine.

WoT and WoWs

But when I started up the game it went to the blue loading bar, loaded for a second then crashed. JJ 15 Posted 28 September - Furthermore, in case you still think that your World Of Tanks High Ping is due to your computer then doing the following things are advised.

When playing World of Tanks make sure only the game is running and all other background applications including start up services and apps are closed. Turning off start up apps can be done by going to msconfig through the start menu. Now comes the network side of the problem. A detailed guide on how you can solve your internet hardware issues is already available and will greatly assist you to reduce high ping in World of Tanks.

How to solve the World of Tanks update/install critical error

The detailed guide can be found over the article how to reduce high ping issues in gaming. Now that the hardware issues are done, we will hop on to another main cause which is the ISP issue. In most cases your ISP is not capable enough of effectively sending your data over to the game server. Congested traffic and inappropriate data routes tend to slow down data transfer which results to high ping in World of Tanks.

The problem also elevates if game servers are far from your region as long distance are a direct proportion to lengthy ping times. Manually, one cannot do anything in this regards. However, getting someone to do the job for you is still possible.

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This is why we and a lot of online gamers recommend using Kill Ping to solve the problem. Telling you the technical aspects behind the solution will be to boring; however, long things short, Kill Ping allows game data to travel through its own dedicated server routes and paths that greatly helps in reducing World Of Tanks High Ping. The video below will give you a much better idea on how to set up Kill Ping and benefit from it;.

World Of Tanks "Application has already started" problem solved !!

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