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It was real. A guy asked a local radio station to prank his wife, and this was the result. They revealed who they were and everyone had a bit of a giggle.

10 Hilarious Prank Videos On YouTube

Yeah, you haven't been able to do radio prank calls in a very long time in America. You have to get permission now before the conversation. So can we put this call on the radio? At the end where she's gone full on rage mode and the music is playing in little bursts Its obviously a prerecorded message when you pick it up. Who the hell doesn't hang up immediately after that? I remember listening to this in the nineties! He's basically talking to a recording of himself, so when he threatens to kill him, he is basically threatening to kill himself. Everything featuring Buk Lau cracks me the fuck up!

Comedy genius that Russell is, though it does seem like he's toned down his characters a fair bit, which is a shame. The Asian restaurant ones were gold! Yeah, I agree. I think he might have gotten into a bit of trouble because of how pissed off the people he pranks would be, explaining his 'toning down'.

Indian books hotel gets me everytime. But whenever I show it to someone they just laugh nervously and then later tell me it's not funny. I guess it was mean, BUT this one where the caller gets a walmart employee to cut the cords of like two computers is fuckin legendary to me. Maybe the only 2 people in the world that can say they are Fully employed Professional Prank Callers.

I still laugh at every tradio call I hear no matter how many times I've heard it. I have to say my favorite is when they call the "Yankees Guy" aka Jonah Falcon and bust his balls about playing pokemon or when they talk about the weather instead of the Yankees and he goes ballistic. For anyone looking for these there are tons of their prank calls on youtube. Talking Yankees - Pokemon Call. Falcon was great, especially weird when you consider they prank him for being a nerdy homo with the officially largest penis in the world.

First Hugs for Harlem Call. I also loved the Russell Calls, or is it lust? There was Harvey the weird science guy. Paula the hippy, who had a weird relationship with Richard Stockholm syndrome? Honorable mention to Community Cop and especially Hugs for Harlem, caught him completely off guard the first time. Sal and Richard have been making prank calls for years now, and have made hundreds of calls. You can categorize them:.

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Public Access Calls. Online Radio Show Calls. Calls into Shops. Their calls to the wrestling show are classic. These are so much funnier than the other entries. These guys have been creating and producing their calls on the stern show for over a decade. Their backstories are amazing too:. Now they can shit on the co-workers in person , and get paid salary to work on prank calls for a living.

I can't believe no one has mentioned the Satan calling the shoe store for souls call: The 'Mr Burgess' calls. He's just a racist, homophobic asshole and they know exactly which buttons to press. I didn't know anyone else remembered those! He's not even impressed that the guy won the Kenyan Just tirrades of expletives pouring from his mouth as you can almost hear his blood pressure go through the roof! The 'Ellen DeGeneres School' call is absolute gold! You just KNOW that guy uses all those words at the end daily to be able to rattle off an insult string like that.

That was impressive in the absolute worst sense of the word.

10 Hilarious Prank Videos On YouTube – Adweek

And his kids were in the room, he just took the phone from his daughter.. Old one, but a good one. Girl calls a dog fence business about getting shock collars for her day care patrons. Quick one: Call a bowling alley Tom Mabe's murder scene response to a telemarketer. Skyrim Cicero calls the gay hotline. The ending of the video is perfect. Can't link I'm on phone. Here's a radio station prank from Australia https: Howard Stern pizzeria prank call 2 pies cheese, 2 plain, 2 regular.

My bro Sam calls up a random number at around The people tracked Sam down and made us all feel pretty awful. This was straight karma. When these guys call a pizza place making ridiculous orders.

The guy gets extremely pissed and hangs up, but they keep on calling him back. Three times in a row! Video gets me every time. An old friend prank called his little sister and said he was from a local radio station and that she won tickets to see One Direction she was 12 at the time.

She fell for it for days, she was screaming and telling everyone she knew until he finally told her and she started crying her eyes out bless her. Ive always been a fan of the Arnie prank calls.. Miles Bennet Dyson.. They aren't necessarily prank phone calls but the Ventrilo Harassment videos are fucking gold. Back in Highschool my buddy prank called our older, clueless science teacher.

He initially just pretended to have a "gay lisp" but she mistook him for an old friend of hers so he just ran with it.

He convinced her that he was a closet homosexual and finally came out of the closet, escaping to Alaska to "find himself". She also admitted to smoking weed, and how clueless she was about chemistry she taught advanced chem , among other things. Me and my cousins have done a couple of good ones where we make people's phones call each other!

Also sending pretty cleverly timed audio recordings were hilarious too! The clips are pretty short but I think they're hilarious and I'd be willing to upload them somewhere if someone wants to hear them. Check your volume levels before you watch! Some are better than others but I still think they're pretty funny! My favorite was making Pizza Hut call Domino's. My favorite: You're right I love that one. While I can't find it now, I really enjoy the one where the guy calls the phone sex girl and is vomiting.

Anything from Phone Losers of America but their tenants from hell series are my favorites. One time my friend called a big church in our area and pretended to be possessed. He did a pretty solid demon voice and the pastor was straight up panicking. It was beautiful. Unaffable bigot Ned calls the cable company with questions about the Gay and Lesbian channel.

Definitely this one of Sol Rosenburg asking a steel fabricator to weld him a masturbation box. Elvis Duran Subliminal Hold Music. There's this one where a guy phones someone and tells them they've won a panda. There's also a part two. Good morning what's your bid? The cactus prank callers aren't super funny except a few guys , but the escalating anger of the hosts and confusion of real callers make it something interesting for sure.

Hamish and Andy have two phone sex operators talk to each other. Sour Shoes on the Howard Stern Show. Roy Wood Jr. Called an auto parts store asking for instructions on how to install my new Betty Boop floor mats. Blamed them for the resulting fire. Restaurant Call in Car Crash. I may be a little biased but one night my friend and I prank called her brother. He didn't fall for it but he and I kept talking. Now we are getting married this Halloween: Pretty much anything involving a Hank Hill soundboard.

It turned out to be a computer IT help phone service of some kind. He would call it all the time and he always talked to the same guy. Every time, he would ask the guy a ton of made up questions about getting modems to work and stuff, then he would always end it by asking him "How do you sleep with all those pins in your head? As a teenager, I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. In high school I called a boy Sam from a restricted number and asked him to hold for a second.

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I then put him on hold and called another girl from school, Amira, and asked her to hold. I connected the calls into a three-way conversation, cleared my throat so they both could hear it, and then muted my phone so that they wouldn't hear me and would only hear each other.

Museum Prank – King Philip IV

What ensued was a hilarious 20 minute fight where each of them insisted that the other person had been the one to call them. I got two. First the You Stole My Paper. Then there is the classic Furby prank call from the Jerky Boys. Guy on youtube, called a domino's pizza, and orders as normal, then tells the domino guy he will be talking to one of his friends for his order. Thing is he connects another call of a different domino's and does the same thing, order as normal, then tells him he will talk to the pranker's friend for the friend's order.

Made the 2 domino's workers talk to each other I found the link, Here is the link. They ring a store posing as the ''rape squad killas'': They ask for rope, ductape and what not.

10 Famous Prank Calls That Will Never Not Be Funny

Keep in mind these are fully grown adults. Fps russia is also a member of this. Its great: Just a guy looking for buttplugs. Can someone locate the live4chan pranks where they got people to strip at a McDonald's and the other at a hotel where they broke the glass for the fire system. I couldn't find a video, but this one was always funny. From crank yankers. Sporting Goods Spokesperson". When I was a teenager, my friend and I would think of two people in our class that we thought might have crushes on each other. We would get on the phone, and then each of us would use three-way calling to call one of the two people, then switch back on to the same call.

Ideally, they both pick up the phone and get into a "You called me," "No, you called me" argument. We were at a friend's house making prank calls. He calls a random number and this woman answers. Here's what we heard:. I have been looking for this audio clip for a year or two now. Can't seem to find it anywhere.

George Foreman gets prank called, and at first he was really mad about it, but then they said something about loving his Foreman Grill and he goes on a big rant about how great the grill is. March 1, at 6: Click here to cancel reply. Re-focus pupil premium on teacher retention Duchess of Cambridge: Three in five young people believe Hundreds of schools sought for new Thursday February 21st Suscribe now Schools Week.

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