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Firmware updates will "steadily expand" Fast Hybrid AF with additional lenses. WiFi is increasingly becoming a standard feature in compact and system cameras as users become more accustomed to the convenience of smartphone cameras.

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  2. Apps will add features like time-lapse shooting and in-camera editing.;
  3. Sony updates NEX-5 system camera with WiFi, downloadable “apps” | Ars Technica.
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We applaud the trend, though we hope that manufacturers consider offering built-in or optional cellular connections for future cameras. An always-on network connection that works outside the range of a convenient WiFi hotspot would be especially useful for Sony's new downloadable "Camera Apps. The first included app is "Direct Upload," which will automatically post photos to Facebook when in range of a WiFi network.

Installing & Updating Sony Play Memories Camera Apps

Still, we think the idea in general is a good one, and we hope more camera makers will follow suit. Do you know how often I remember to do this? Not very. Now, the remote control features are nice after you go through the steps to set it up.

Sony updates NEX-5 system camera with WiFi, downloadable “apps”

I like the live view on my phone and full control of the exposure is great. The problem here is that you must choose whether to control the camera only from the camera instead of the app. A switch in the app would be great. I love all the features of my Sony mirrorless cameras, but sometimes I need to be in the photos. My old camera brand had a great iPhone app where I could set the ISO, F-stop, shutter speed and focus point manually on any camera in the family.

Sony NEX-5R Time-lapse app Custom mode 1080p

Imagine my surprise that when paring my top of the line 42MP camera to play memories mobile, I found it to be next to useless. No adjustment of anything except for being able to put it in the timer mode. Sony gets an F on this one at least with the iPhone.

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After looking at another app that prompted me to upgrade the app in my camera, everything magically started to work as it should. I wish my phone app would have alerted me to this miss match. The NFC function is comical How long do you keep looking silly before you give up? Then when you switch to QR, it only transfers a low res version, not the original raw I think.

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  • The location linkage However something happened in the past few months so it actually seems to be working more reliably now. I can actually just start shooting and it links up and tags the photos.


    App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description PlayMemories Mobile is a free application that makes your Wi-Fi compatible Sony camera use more convenient.

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