Android escape action level 16

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Escape Action Level 16 - Solution Walkthrough

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Escape Action Level 40 Walkthrough

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Stuck on the level 16

Best In Slot. Part Three: NetherRealm Studios. Gods Among Us Injustice 2 Arkham City Lockdown Batman: Midway Games Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Ed Boon. Links to related articles. Justice League. Gardner Fox. Alfred Pennyworth Amanda Waller A.

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Morrow Vandal Savage White Martians. Young Justice. Gorilla Warfare! Tower of Babel " " JLA: Justice League vol. Act of God JLA: Age of Wonder JLA: Created Equal JLA: Destiny JLA: The Nail series JLA: Cry for Justice Justice League: Generation Lost Justice Riders.

Justice League franchise media. Justice League: The New Frontier Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths Justice League: Doom Justice League: Trapped in Time Justice League: War Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Justice League: Gods and Monsters Justice League vs.

Escape Action Answers for Android

To the Movies Justice League vs. Justice League Smallville. Legends of the Superheroes Justice League of America. Injustice for All Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. Lego Batman: Bizarro League Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom Justice League: Cosmic Clash Justice League: Gotham City Breakout Lego Batman 2: The Second Part.

Superman franchise media. Superman — The World's Greatest Superheroes — Superman Atom Man vs. Mole Men Stamp Day for Superman short film. The Quest for Peace Returns. Man of Steel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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  • Escape Action Level 16 Walkthrough Solution.
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The Return of Black Adam vs. The Elite. A Superman Novel It's Superman! Dawn of Justice soundtrack. Look, Up in the Sky: What Happened? It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Superman. Lego Superman. Batman video games. The Videogame Lego Batman 2: Beyond Gotham. Batman Ocean, Batman: The Dark Knight canceled. List of Batman video games Batman franchise media.

Escape Action Level 44 Walkthrough

Wonder Woman franchise media. Wonder Woman film Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines. Batman v Superman: Wonder Woman film.

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Rotate the four triangles so that the create an imaginary box around the fan. It should look like this:. Shake your device until the top drawer of the dresser opens, revealing a key. Take the key and use it to unlock the door. Continue to levels 13 through His goal for the website is to make it one of the best sources for all mobile gaming news.

Your email address will not be published. Like other room escape games, your goal is the solve the puzzle to unlock the door and proceed to the next level.

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You are a security expert specializing in testing the reliability of maximum security prisons. You job is to exploit the weaknesses of the prisons and escape without a hitch. But one day after you woke up, you found yourself framed and incarcerated in a secret house which is full of mystery rooms on different floors. You have to use your skills to break out of the rooms in order to escape.

Solve the puzzles, find all of the hidden objects that you can use in the room to escape and find out who trapped you.

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Pick up the wrench from the lower right part of the floor and use it on the door until it breaks.