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BUT be careful if you have a cellular connection!

10 Best iPhone News and News Reader Apps

FlipBoard being so graphical and beautiful is a HUGE a data hog assuming you're viewing something graphical and not text so if you're on a low data plan be careful. Because of the retina display it "shrinks" some graphics too small like animated GIFs in Tumblr pages and it's too hard to read. Needs some user adjustment on that what size to shrink to retina proportions and to size text.

I don't think it's as useful on the iPhone for browsing, maybe if you went to a specific section, but I'm still not sold on that yet I wish flip board would bring back the bar at the top of the screen. I constantly have to exit the app to check the time or to see how much charge my battery is at.

10 of the best news apps for iPhone and Android

Why do companies think that they get to choose and limit what we can see? Thanks for the review, mo! Your home feed includes everything that you follow as well as any smart magazines you might have added. We want your Flipboard to be as personalized as possible. App Store Preview.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. Description Flipboard curates the world's stories so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed, and getting involved.

How To Get Apple News App Outside US

Feb 19, Version 4. Gary LaPointe http: Information Seller Flipboard, Inc. Size Associated Press covers news from all around the world, with a huge team of dedicated reporters that focus on all manners of topics and trends. The BBC is a universally respected worldwide news organization dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest topics and news stories. CNN was the first hour cable news channel, and its official app functions as a condensed version of the site.

It offers a wide variety of articles, primarily with a focus on U. Video also plays a large part of the coverage on CNN, so fans of video news should find a lot to love here. News Republic gives you an array of stories from different news outlets all in one place. Personalize your app to show the stories that you are interested in or choose specific outlets that you want to see.

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  • Best News Apps for iPad and iPhone: News at Your Fingertip.
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It features more than 10, news sources to pick and choose from and you can comment on and share the stories that interest you the most. The easy-to-use interface lets you scroll through different stories quickly. BuzzFeed took the world by storm with its viral listicles and other fun content, then it went on to make waves with some seriously quality journalism. The app consolidates everything in one place and allows you to customize the types of articles you see to suit your tastes.

Local News & Breaking News App

The name is a little grandiose, but SmartNews has the brawn to back it up. The death of Google Reader was a tragedy for a lot of avid users, but it was a blessing for Feedly.

Universal News Apps

Flipboard created a new type of reading experience on mobile, and is focused on engaging the reader with the most exciting stories of the day using a magazine-style aesthetic that begs you to just keep flipping. Hundreds of publications are available on the news reader, and Flipboard offers a generous number of topics. Reddit only launched an official app in , but it quickly became one of the best ways to experience Reddit on Android and iOS. It provides a personalized experience, breaking news alerts, and can even help you to keep an eye on the stock market.

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The Editorial Highlights feature means you catch up on events quickly, and you can choose to save an article for reading later with offline mode and a night mode. Inkl is on a mission to rid you of clickbait articles, and aims to curate and bring you a stream of news that is trustworthy. You can filter newsrooms that are most important to you so that your feed is always bringing you the articles you want to read, from the writers you care about.

Best News Apps for iPad and iPhone: News at Your Fingertip

Al Jazeera was the first hour news channel to cover the Middle East, and has become one of the most popular and established publications in the region. It has since grown and developed, reporting on news from around the globe. The app has access to hour news coverage, video clips of the biggest stories, and reams of news stories, features pieces, and opinions from around the world.

Inoreader is another news aggregator that brings news from around the world straight to you. Love it!

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Much easier to share. SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps. Breaking News Notifications for breaking news stories. Offline News Fetch trending news and read news offline. I was apparently one of the first regular user of the app and shared articles on Twitter constantly. An earlier reviewer cited being fed too much liberal news and she should be happy with the addition of NEWSMAX which is definitely right leaning.

Early on the developers said the algorithms choose the articles in your feed by the articles you actually read and your interest profile is just algorithms doing what they do but you have the option to choose a tab and read any article from any of the magazine you have added. I asked them to please keep it that was and not to start choosing as Facebook does articles to put forth an agenda, especially not a political agenda.

I have pretty eclectic interests and really enjoy the variety I have to choose from. This app also gives you the ability to swipe over to Reader View and read the articles without the annoying advertisements. All in all I hardly use any of my other news apps. I am afraid to count how many tabs I have on my home page! Love it!! Thanks for the praise and feel free to recommend us to your friends and family members if they enjoy seeing news from both sides.

Let me figure out what it means. I gave this app about 4 months. Every time I opened it it seemed to get worse. The titles are hilariously liberal. I scrolled through about 5 minutes ago and it was ridiculous. Finally decided to delete it. If you really just want to know what happened in the world today, this is not the site for you.